Thursday, September 29, 2011

Which Came First?

What inspires you when creating a new layout? Do you take a must-scrap photo of your kids and choose paper to go with it? Do you find paper that you fall madly in love with and then find photos to go with it? Maybe you see a layout in a design book or magazine that you really like and want to recreate it? I think I've used all of these as inspiration. I've also "staged" photos to go along with a paper pack!

I think I'm going to be guilty of the latter again soon. You see, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I find it so much less stressful than other holidays, and I certainly think it's more fun. I'm one of those silly grown-ups who loves to dress up, and I do - every year. But what I love most is helping my son find just the right costume. Now normally I leave it completely up to him, and I'm always happy to invest in his costume because I know he'll wear it again and again until it either falls apart or no longer fits. This year, though, is an exception. The moment I saw Close to My Heart's new Mischief papers, I knew I wanted him to dress as a pirate. Sure, if you look at the layouts in the Idea Book you'll see vampires and seemingly scarier things than pirates, but I saw my son the pirate on those pages. So, when it came time to start deciding on a costume, I had to break out my best mom-negotiating skills. The first thing he said he wanted to be was a gangster because the catalog we were looking at had a costume with a toy machine gun, and he wanted that gun. (Boys!) Not so fast! "I think you should be a pirate," I told him. He wasn't convinced, but this is where my negotiating skills kicked in. "How about I'll only buy you that machine gun if you dress as a pirate." (Okay, maybe this wasn't actually negotiating. Perhaps it was more like blackmail or extortion, but we moms have to do what we have to do, right?) And you guessed it, he's going to be a pirate.

Halloween is pretty much the only thing that has me excited about it being fall. I can't wait to snap those pictures on All Hallow's Eve and then get them on my layout. (That should probably say "layouts" because I love the Mischief paper so much that I'll have to do at least two.) I'm definitely going to use the Mischief Workshop on the Go (below) for one of them. Happy Haunting!

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