Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boys and Big Boy Toys

My boys have been playing with power tools almost all day. I have wanted a second shelf for our son's room for two or three years, and they finally started working on it today! (My husband built the first shelf the same two or three years ago, but at the time we didn't have the additional material to build two, and ever since he's hardly had time to play in his garage.) They got the shelf built, and while the glue was drying they started working on a project my son brainstormed last night - a wooden stool. It's really a wooden step stool rather than a stool to sit on, but it's his stool, so we're going to let him call it whatever he wants.

I'm excited to scrap these photos for a couple reasons: 1) my son learned about all sorts of new power tools today, and he even gave using most of them a try, and 2) when he was designing his stool last night he made several small drawings on a piece of paper, and he even included some measurements he took with his own tape measure. I will have the design plans to scrapbook too.

Now that the stool is all put together, my son has decided it needs stained. He's got it all sanded down and ready to go. I'll get pictures of that process tomorrow.

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