Sunday, December 18, 2011

Teacher Gifts

As we all know, it's that time of year again. Time to figure out what you're going to give your children's teachers for Christmas. I just about always make monogrammed note cards. They're fairly fast, simple, and easy, and considering how many gifts teachers receive, they should also come in handy.
Once I found out that my son's teacher likes purple, I decided to make it even easier on myself by making the same monogrammed cards I'd made for myself with the My Creations Card Box and Sonoma papers. I made a few simple modifications (I used the zip-strip border instead of plain Olive cardstock, I added a little more color by leaving a border around the patterned paper, and I made the monogram the center of a flower rather than just layering it on a scalloped circle).
I also stamped the monogram on the envelope flap to make the set more complete.

While all of my son's teachers are important, I wanted to give gifts to his homeroom teacher, as well as his math and reading teachers. The note cards were for the homeroom teacher, but I wanted to make her something else that I could also give the others. I decided to go with using the Typeset papers to create a door hanger pouch that I could put Post-It Notes in.
I have made these before, but it was so much easier with the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge and our new double-sided paper! I didn't have to take the time to cut paper to fit and glue it down, I just hit "cut" and my door hanger was ready to go! Even though Close to My Heart's new patterned papers are a heavier weight, I thought it would be wise to sturdy the back up a bit. I did this by cutting another door hanger from Juniper cardstock and cutting it off where it just covered the back. I also cut out the piece for the front of the pocket and put it on the inside of the pouch for a little support. The zip-strip was the perfect accent for the pouch edge, and with just a few embellishments I had a great gift!

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