Monday, March 9, 2015

30 Days of Lists: Part One

I did it. I took the plunge. I decided to make a mini album for this round of 30 Days of Lists. Not a big deal for most, but definitely a big deal for me.

I've been a papercrafter for almost 20 years, but cards have always been my forte. I do pretty well with scrapbook pages, too - when I make them - but I really struggle with what I consider a loose and carefree style. I tend to lean toward symmetry in my design. 

Now, I wouldn't say that I've gone all out and really loosened up, but after creating my cover and the first seven lists, I'm pretty pleased that I'm doing it this way.

Here's what I used to create my album and cover:

Please contact me if you'd like more specific information on any of these products or how I used them. Watch for my next post which will be about how I created lists 1-7. See you soon!

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